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Assisted reproductive techniques might often run into some problems such as:





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Enhance your herd with 100% laboratory-produced recombinant hormone

The technology has evolved and we are here to bring evolution into your business.
Brazil holds the largest effective bovine herd and is also one of the biggest meat exporters. To keep this position, assisted reproductive techniques are used, such as the FTAI, but there are some challenges to be overcome in this sector.
Did you know that the hormones currently used to induce ovulation in animals, in assisted reproductive techniques, are extracted from a different animal?

In case you didn’t know, it would be quite important to highlight that these hormones are made from the extraction of the blood of mares, and not only that, but the mares need to be pregnant for this hormone to be extracted.
In other words, to obtain the eCG used today it is necessary to extract blood from pregnant mares, which can often cause great suffering.
This mistreatment of mares has always been one of our major concerns.
With much effort and by using the technology that was once the fruit of several studies, we developed the r-eCG, a recombinant hormone produced 100% in our laboratory.

Kimera Animal Hormone-free – Follimera r-eCG

No use of animals

Uses mammalian cells and recombinant technology

Cheaper and more efficient

More details

r-eCG, Kimera’s recombinant hormone, offers excellent results for your herd and well-being to the animals.
Used in animal reproduction protocols (TFAI, FIV and TETF), r-eCG combines good pregnancy results with animal welfare.

But there’s more! What if I told you that Kimera’s r-eCG can still be produced at a reduced cost?
Interested? Join a select group of veterinarians who have already tested our product and request your sample!

Unique quality

Our quality is a remarkable story and that is due to the high level of commitment of our team of professionals to the entire process. Making the entire procedure into a journey that, when completed and delivered into your hands, is capable of change your herd’s reproduction once and for all. Not to mention all the respect for the environment that was mentioned above.
Test our product and be surprised!

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About US

Kimera Biotechnology

Aumente a reprodução do seu rebanho com hormônio 100% produzido em laboratório.

Boost your herd’s reproduction with 100% laboratory-produced hormone.
We are a startup that has been in the market since 2015, aiming at the development of r-eCG. Our researchers have extensive use in the area of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Cloning and Recombinant DNA Technology. We have patents in the area of recombinant production and assisted reproduction.

Sobre nós

Kimera Biotecnologia

Aumente a reprodução do seu rebanho com hormônio 100% produzido em laboratório.

Somos uma startup que está no mercado desde 2015, visando o desenvolvimento do r-eCG. Nossos pesquisadores têm vasta experiência na área de Biologia e Genética Molecular, Clonagem e Tecnologia do DNA Recombinante. Possuímos patentes na área de produção de recombinantes e Reprodução Animal assistida.

We have extensive experience in the sector, a unique commitment to quality and respect for our customers and animals.

With this philosophy, we produce the best products for animal reproduction, developing solutions that take your herd to another level without harming animals, which means that our products are made based on respect, without animal testing (animal-free). Not to mention a team of professionals who are prepared and highly qualified to leverage your business.

We’re not just talking about animal reproduction, we’re talking about quality, respect and evolution, with 100% lab-produced recombinant hormone.

  • Production technique without using animals;
  • Product with both Brazilian and international patent;
  • Reduced production cost and final price;
  • Products tested in the regions of Mato Grosso, São Paulo, Northeast and Minas Gerais, with superior results to the hormones available on the market, most still use the old method causing animal suffering.

Looking to the future



New solutions


Brazil at the top of the market

Brazil is a real giant in the meat market around the world and that becomes much clearer when we look at the numbers:

Beef Market

  • Brazilian cattle herd – 220 million;
  • Herd of reproductive age 100 million;
  • Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination Protocols (FTAI) in 2020 – 21 million;
  • Billing – approximately 500 million;
  • Brazilian reproduction market – approximately 5 billion.

Source: ASBIA, 2020.

BR Swine Market

  • Herd – 40 million;
  • Number of Females – 6.09 million;
  • Inseminations – 14.6 million.

EU swine market

  • Herd – 146 million;
  • Number of Females – 24.15 million;
  • Inseminations – 52.9 million.

Source: Industrial Swine Magazine, n. 3, 2020.

The Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) market.

To be the largest meat market in the world is to be in constant growth: Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI), which have grown 30% in 2020 and surpassed 21 million procedures.
Also in that year, Brazil, carried out 90% of inseminations using FTAI technology.

Source: Electronic Bulletin of the Animal Reproduction Department/FMVZ/USP.
Issue 5, of February 22, 2021.

History of the FTAI market in Brazil

FTAI market in Brazil.
(% of bovine females inseminated by FTAI)

Pietro S baruselli
Animal Reproduction Department/FMVZ/USP.

*Taking into account the sale of products for synchronization.


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UPTEC – the Park of Technology and Science in the University of Porto, supports the creation and development of business projects in the arts, sciences and technologies, through the sharing of knowledge between the University and the Market. Since 2007, UPTEC has supported the development of more than 600 business projects that are distinguished by their high degree of innovation, technological, scientific and creativity, specialized knowledge and international potential.
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